Yorkshire Dales Brass Bands

The Yorkshire Dales has a great tradition of brass bands and the area around West Burton provides opportunities to see some of the best bands in the country.

The first opportunity this summer will be to see the Leyburn Band, Reeth Brass Band and Muker Silver Band at Wensleydale Rugby Club on the 15th May. Tickets are available in advance from R.F.Broadley Insurance Brokers, Chapel House, Market Place, Leyburn, by emailing chris.taylor@bathroomfs.co.uk or by phoning 07947 581383. Adults are £8 and children can watch for £4.

Another opportunity to see the Leyburn Band is during the Swaledale Festival which runs from the 24th May to the 7th June. The band are playing at St Matthew’s Church in Leyburn at 7:30. For more details you should contact the organiser at enquiries@swalefest.org or check out the full programme for lots of other music.

By far the most impressive display for brass band enthusiasts however is the famous Hardraw Brass Band Festival. This year it’s on the 14th September in the unique setting of Hardraw Falls near Hawes. If you’ve never visited the falls before you’ll find them behind the Green Dragon Inn in Hardraw. For more information you should contact the event provider on 01969 624761 or email gerald.hodgson@virgin.net.